• All nominations will be reviewed by a judging committee.
  • Each award will be open to two divisions - Large Corporate and Local Champion. Companies with annual turnover of over $300 million make up the Large Corporate division. Meanwhile, corporates unable to meet the $300m turnover mark and SMEs can find their spot as a Local Champion in their industry category.
  • The awards are for excellent export products and services which have significantly enhanced the company's business in the regional export scene.
  • Nomination is free of charge. If your company wins, you are obliged to attend the event and book any of the winners package options for the awards ceremony. Click here to see pricing.
To be eligible to nominate:
  • The company must have an office in the Asia Pacific region.
  • The company must have foreign exchange earnings.
  • The product or service must be exported from the Asia Pacific region to any part of the world. 
  • The product should have been launched over the last 24 calendar months. Products which are launched prior to the said period can still be nominated as long as they have undergone recent improvements.
  1. Go to the online nomination form and read the nomination guidelines.
  2. Fill out the form with your company and entrant details.
  3. Select if your division and category.
  4. Provide your product or service name, 500-word write-up, and client testimonials (if any).
  5. You're done!
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your nomination.
  • Photos are required to be submitted. Supporting documents are optional but will highly increase your chances of winning the award. Send your supporting documents and photos to
  • Submit your entries and supporting documents on or before 30 October 2020.
  • Each nomination form is valid for one (1) entry only. If you are nominating several products, please submit separate entries for each product or service.
  • What are your strengths, innovations and significant achievements?
  • What has made your product or service effective & successful?
  • Is the product or service flexible to changes and progressive opportunities?
  • What makes your product or service unique from the others in the market?

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